The church has been shaken out of the familiarity and comfort it has known for many years and now faces new challenges and opportunities in engaging the community. 

Love your community well

Engage with your people meaningfully

Connect your people to build and strengthen relationships

Share the Good News wider than you have before

Generate new opportunities for fruitfulness and blessing


2021 Australian Church Digital Ministry Report

Working with hundreds of church leaders from around Australia, we wanted to collate the learnings and experiences to share widely.

You are invited to download this report for free.

This report covers:

  • Digital ministry experience & trends
  • Digital ministry technology
  • Digital ministry through covid-19
  • The future of digital ministry and online church

We trust you will find this report beneficial as you continue to serve your churches online and offline in the coming year.

Digital connections that impact communities


Our world continues to change and there is more to be done to increase your church’s online reach and effectiveness.

I’m sure you’ll agree; it’s not either digital or physical… it needs to be both.

‘Phygital’… it’s a thing. Google it!

Your job and opportunity as community leaders is to understand how both the digital & physical spaces can work together to build significant relationships and impact the kingdom and eternity.

Going beyond online services to long-lasting engagement and relationship


In 2020, churches scurried quickly to bring their physical services into the digital space. Some progressed in leaps and bounds, others taking a more cautious approach.

Barriers for entry into church were instantly lowered.

There are many stories and testimonies of God’s goodness through online church as people were drawn into community and relationship. But for others, the initial excitement has faded into exhaustion and disengagement.

The average person spends over 3 hours on their phone each day. If your church service goes for one hour each week, the question (and opportunity!) is how we harness these digital platforms to engage effectively in the other 167 hours during the week.


Utilising technology to benefit your teams and community


Remote learning and working has increased rapidly. As collaboration online continues to expand, we need easy and effective digital systems that serve ourselves, our colleagues, volunteers and members.

Systems are often cobbled together in a church to just get the job done with little thought put into how the systems integrate together and how knowledge gets shared within the team.

A digital strategy supports the church’s mission to come alive and enables its team to thrive.

For digital teams to function at a high capacity, they need systems that suit the needs of the church, configured correctly, regular training and onboarding for new users, documented processes and system updates made and shared to continually improve the effectiveness and user experience.


How to move your church forward with 3 long term strategies

How do we increase our reach and have meaningful engagement in the wider community every day of the week? 

How do we equip our teams and church members to serve and grow in a hybrid society?

How do we grow our churches and draw people to Jesus in the digital space?

Join this free 20 minute mini-training session to learn about 3 long term strategies for discipleship, communication and church systems.

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“Evan’s help arrived just in time for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. As our 200 parishes faced the challenge of adapting to virtual church in the COVID19 lockdown, Evan designed and delivered a series of webinars that gave our clergy skills and confidence to switch to digital with minimum anxiety.

His patience and expertise in personal consultations helped even the most technically-challenged to find their way forward.”

Ken Morgan

Head of Parish Mission & Resourcing, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

Evan provides practical training and solutions for churches of all sizes. His background working for and in a church helps provide a greater understanding of the challenges faced and the best solutions in a variety of settings.”

Mel Schmidt

Office Administrator, St Stephen's Coorparoo

Digital Team Coach exceeded our expectations in the role of helping churches transition to online. Evan ran a variety of training sessions helping those who had little-to-no experience be confident in running church online. Not only did he do what was needed in a crisis, getting church services online, he then helped people look forward to what they could do in the future to grow beyond the basic need to survive, into a desire to thrive using digital systems.”

Brian Holden

Youth Ministry Consultant, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

“Evan’s support has been invaluable for our productivity and in helping me process my own thoughts about the particular challenges for our organisation.

My team are now feeling much more engaged with the overall mission of the organisation because they understand (and can track) how their tasks and projects fit into the bigger picture.

Our organisation has saved time and money by implementing the right project management system that suits our needs.

Evan is professional, warm and flexible in his approach.  He has a lot of knowledge and experience in digital coaching and how to achieve organisational health. His services would suit any organisation and I highly recommend Evan’s work.”

Adam Cetrangolo

Lead Pastor, St Cath's Anglican Church

“Digital Team Coach provided expertise and value-adding questions to enable me to be more productive and creative in my work. This has encouraged and progressed our team for our administration, communication and digital systems into the future.”

Jeremy Watson

Senior Minister, All Souls Sandringham

“Evan is one of the smartest people we know in the digital space with his professional and practical experience, bringing understanding to local church dynamics.

Evan identified our needs and goals and responded quickly with a thorough, detailed plan. His professional approach came with clarity in his communication, recommendations and roadmaps he could provide for us. He met us at where we were at and has taken us to explore new options.

We now have the tools and systems to allow us to serve people more effectively. We have been given roadmaps for our staff and leadership to invest in our priorities.

DTC has fast-tracked us towards the best practices available.  Thank you Evan and the DTC Team.”

Di Hocking

Lead Pastor, Yarra Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship

“Evan, I enjoyed the six sessions. It was very informative and you provided some great resources for me to think about and apply now and later. Great skills to have in the tool box. I will also be indebted to you for your advice in regards to meeting our technical needs for the recording of our service. This was one of my main goals in attending these sessions.”

Matthew Connolly

Vicar, St John's Lilydale

“Evan ran the program and presented a well thought out and structured approach to bringing aspects of the church into the digital age. He presented his material at a level that was understandable and engageable for people who had not taken any steps into the digital realm yet, while also presenting content useful to tech savvy people (like myself).”

Luke Alabaster

Band, Tech & Youth Minister, All Souls Sandringham

“Evan was super helpful in helping our church replace our ageing database and contact system.

Over a series of sessions, Evan coached us through the process. He asked plenty of questions, provided sound guidance and encouraged me to document decisions so that others could understand them quickly. We have the new system up and running and aren’t looking back.”

Nigel Preston

Communication Assistant, South East Bendigo Anglican Parish

“Evan’s insight into digital church environments and strategies is invaluable. The thought out content and delivery is engaging and thoughtful. Wonderful course work also!”

Andrew Moore

AV Production, All Saints Greensborough

HOW WE can serve you


We have designed online courses & programs specifically for church leaders to upskill in digital engagement and collaboration.
Highly valuable and practical. Lifetime access.

FORWARD Church Program

This 12 month group program gives strategies & support for implementing immediate and long term digital and hybrid ministries. Key areas include disciple journey, communications & digital strategy.


A digital strategy aligns your systems and workflows to impact the work and ministries in your church for greater effectiveness and efficiency.


Churches and ministries have digital needs and sometimes require extra support. We would love to discuss how we can serve you.

About Evan

Evan helps churches & faith organisations with digital transformation to effectively empower their teams and reach their communities through digital collaboration, engagement, and technology.

Evan has worked in a networked church for 6 years, leading in Music, Communications and Online Systems and is a Digital Developer for 20 years.  Evan has developed, implemented and supported strategies and tools to serve in all functions of church life.

Evan is an Arrow leader, graduating from the two year Arrow Leadership Emerging Leaders program in 2017.


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