The DTC Story


Technology starts and ends with people.

At DTC, we are passionate about building up the local and wider community to thrive and grow with effective and efficient digital technology.

More important than the technology itself, we are dedicated to empowering teams to set up and utilise simple and powerful systems and processes.


DTC was founded in 2018 in Melbourne, Australia

180+ Organisations

In education, small business, retail, creative and not-for-profit sectors

50+ Sessions

Designed and ran training sessions since 2020

Meet The Team

Evan Englezos

Founder & Director

Evan founded Digital Team Coach in 2018 but has been providing digital solutions, development and support for Australian organisations and communities since 2000. Seeing a great need for online technologies beyond websites & marketing, DTC was set up to provide holistic strategies and solutions that cover all aspects of an organisation’s digital needs.

Evan is an Arrow leader, having completed the two year Arrow Leadership Emerging Leaders program.

When Evan is not immersed in digital systems, he loves spending time with family, playing music and producing collaborative community music events.

Lesly Duropan

Project Coordinator & Administrator

Lesly is a project coordinator and administrator. She manages our social media accounts, set up events, update and build pages on the websites and helps in creating contents by sharing her ideas.

Lesly graduated as in IT and has been working as a VA for almost 5 years. Between those years, she was able to acquire different skills like email marketing, social media management, website development, graphics and customer support. 

Lesly loves adventure. She loves going to the beach and climbing mountains on her free days. She consider these places as her second home.

Ericka Torillo

Content Writer

Ericka produces and writes content for blog posts, emails, socials and other engaging written pieces. She has cultivated a love for writing and enjoys connecting with an audience through words.

Ericka has a degree in Psychology and aspires to be a Clinical Psychologist. 

Besides typing on her computer, Ericka enjoys burying herself in books, specifically post-apocalyptic and other science-fiction novels. She also has a fascination with zombie films!



To empower teams with cutting-edge digital strategy, training, and tools to optimise their work and achieve outstanding results.


To be the leading provider of digital coaching and training services, enabling organisations to stay ahead of the curve and empowering teams to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Trust ourselves and each other

We are good at what we do.

We support each other in our work.

We work autonomously and communicate regularly.


We strive to continually improve our workflows and systems.

We honour each others’ time by reducing barriers and waste.

We communicate honestly to learn and grow from our challenges.

Teamwork makes us stronger

We value each other.

We love collaboration.

We are interdependent on each other.

Innovation moves us forward

We value fresh ideas and ways of doing things.

We are open to new possibilities and creativity.

We want to continuously learn how to be better.

Early days

Starting in 1999, Evan studied Multimedia at Swinburne University, building up his digital development prowess and team skills working at RMIT, CPA Australia & Box Hill Institute. During this time, Evan also developed websites and multimedia for small businesses & not-for-profits.

Becoming DTC

In 2014, Evan had the seed of an idea; to help organisations with all their digital needs, not just developing websites. Having worked in teams and lead teams, Evan recognised that technology was not always setup or utilised well and that people are not always given the training required to fulfil their roles and thrive in their teams… Enter Digital Team Coach, providing practical solutions, training and strategies; where digital meets team!

The future is bright!

In 2020, Digital Team Coach went full-time to providing high value strategy and training to organisations transitioning smoothly to digital engagement amidst a little ol’ global pandemic. Organisations have made great progress with going digital but the work does not stop and we are dedicated to supporting you through good times and tough times. We understand the importance of well-managed change and that going digital will not and should not fully replace in-person engagement and interactions.