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How I automated my social media for life (for just the measly cost of 2 weeks of coffee!)

Love it or hate it, social media is the major communication tool of our day and it’s not disappearing anytime soon…

How to get a website

You have a new idea, a new business, something you’re passionate about. You may have been scheming it for years or it just hit you yesterday…
so you need a website…

What’s with the digital coach thing, man?

Hey, this is Evan, I’m a digital coach from Melbourne, Australia and I don’t think people really get it. Well it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What’s a digital coach? What’s with the digital coach…
The Cost of Using an Old System

The Cost of Using an Old System

Newest system does not guarantee you have the best system. Sometimes having a tried and true system is the best system. On the flip side, what is the cost of not changing the system?

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Five ways to make everyday count

Five ways to make everyday count

For most of us, life is busy and constant most of the time. I like to be organised, and with 3 young kids I need to be organised. I’m pretty good at it sometimes but things still slip through; or I get waylaid by other things I think I should be doing (that I don’t actually need to do). Pretty soon, goals fade and I live from day to day in survival mode.

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Head of Parish Mission Resourcing
Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

“Evan’s help arrived just in time for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. As our 200 parishes faced the challenge of adapting to virtual church in the COVID19 lockdown, Evan designed and delivered a series of webinars that gave our clergy skills and confidence to switch to digital with minimum anxiety.

His patience and expertise in personal consultations helped even the most technically-challenged to find their way forward.”


Evan is a digital coach, consultant and developer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is passionate about helping small businesses and not-for-profits teams to harness technology well and achieve great outcomes.

Since 2001, Evan has worked in corporate, educational and not-for-profit sectors as a digital developer, team leader and communications manager. Although websites and online marketing are important, Evan believes organisations need a more holistic digital strategy to better utilise and integrate systems to more effectively support their teams and achieve their goals. Now he is helping organisations focus on integrating all their digital systems to align with their goals and needs.

Evan has a keen mind for streamlining processes and systems to make life better and save time on trivial and time-consuming tasks. He has developed creative solutions that have saved hundreds of hours of work for organisations, employees and volunteers.