Optimise work with world-leading digital strategy, training, and tools

Empower your teams to do their best work in an ever-evolving digital landscape

  • Make work simple
  • Reduce manual labour and unnecessary administration
  • Increase employee efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improve team workflows and communication
  • Reduce wasted time and missed opportunities
  • Automate and integrate across all your systems
  • Grow and future-proof your organisation
  • Make accurate and informed data-driven decisions that will impact your organisation

Digital strategy impacts every element of your organisation’s transformation

  • Deliver on all your goals and objectives
  • Connect with your audience
  • Flow increases your team’s effectiveness, communication and morale
  • Automate your work with the right systems and integrations
  • Impact your business objectives and bottom line

Keynote speeches and workshops

Digital Transformation Strategy

Understand about the challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation journey.

Discover suitable technologies and benefits of different types of business processes and technologies.

Map out the internal and external workflows, systems and communications.

Design a digital communications strategy.

Analyse your organisation for digital transformation strategy.

Design a digital transformation strategy for systems recommendation, implementation and evaluation.

The Role of AI and its Impact on Business

Understand what AI is and how it differs from other types of technology.

Explain the current state of AI in business, including specific industries where it is being used.

Identify the potential benefits and challenges of implementing AI in a business context.

Discuss how AI can be used to improve efficiency, productivity, and decision-making within a business.

Address common concerns or misconceptions around AI, such as fears of job loss or lack of control over decision-making.

Provide examples of companies that have successfully integrated AI into their operations, and identify potential best practices.

Creating a Powerful Cross-Generational Team

Understand the importance of team culture and how it impacts team performance and dynamics.

Identify key characteristics of a positive team culture.

Explore strategies for creating and maintaining a positive team culture.

Design effective processes that support team communication and participation.

Understand qualities of self-leadership that impact team leadership.

Learn coaching techniques for employee self-reflection, problem-solving and growth.

Make Work Simple

Explain the importance and benefits of simplifying work to improve productivity, reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and work-life balance.

Introduce the five steps to Make Work Simple.

Learn how to identify tasks that can be made simple.

Provide real-life examples of how these steps have been used to simplify work for individuals and organizations.

Address common challenges when trying to simplify their work, and provide strategies for overcoming them.

Design practical actions to simplify work, demonstrating how small changes can make a great impact.

Why Digital Team Coach?

We are dedicated to empowering teams with cutting-edge digital strategy, training, and tools to optimise their work and achieve outstanding results.

We enable organisations to stay ahead of the curve and empowering teams to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

With over 20 years experience, DTC has the integrity and expertise to provide digital solutions and support for your organisation that will have long-reaching impact and meaning.

We have worked with

“Evan’s help arrived just in time for us. As our 200 parishes faced the challenge of adapting in the COVID19 lockdown, Evan designed and delivered a training series that gave our people skills and confidence to switch to digital with minimum anxiety.

His patience and expertise in personal consultations helped even the most technically-challenged to find their way forward.”

– Ken Morgan, Director of Resourcing

“Working with Digital Team Coach has helped me and my team to save time by reducing the number of steps that we need to perform and create automations so that the software does the work instead of us. This has then helped create more timely and attentive customer care and service for my clients.

Now I feel excited!  Excited about the efficiencies being created in my business. This gives me more time to focus on forming better relationships with my clients and growing my business.”

– Andrew Englezos, Accountant & Business Owner

“Digital Team Coach exceeded our expectations in the role of helping churches transition to online. Evan ran a variety of training sessions helping those who had little-to-no experience be confident in running church online. Not only did he do what was needed in a crisis, getting church services online, he then helped people look forward to what they could do in the future to grow beyond the basic need to survive, into a desire to thrive using digital systems.

With Evan’s help our whole organisation took a 5-year leap in a matter of weeks.”

– Brian Holden, Youth Consultant

“Digital Team Coach offered some simple solutions that not only made the task simpler but cut out a huge workload that I would have otherwise had to do.

I probably saved a couple of weeks to be honest!

I would highly recommend using Digital Team Coach to assist you in whatever digital solutions you are needing extra support in! Outstanding service!”

– Holly-Joy Petty, Director of Culture & Innovation

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