Year Glance

I designed and developed Year Glance to display a full year calendar to view and print as a wall planner. The key functionality that did not exist anywhere is Google Calendar integration. With many people from around the world now using this web app, I worked with a development team to scale this further for more features and integrations, including Microsoft Calendar integration.

Elvanto Songbook

I developed Elvanto Songbook based on a basic publicly available build using Laravel. The web app was very simple and I worked with two developered to scale the functionality further. The app integrates with Elvanto Services and Songs to display songs for musicians to rehearse. Song keys and capo can allow for transposition on the fly. In browser annotation and displaying PDFs across devices has been added.


I created Chordmaker to quickly generate chord charts on the go. Functionality includes key transposition, saving to text and PDF formats and importing text files for further editing.

Airport Board

I developed Airport Board as a fun project to exchange messages with people and to use as a novel headline / title in meetings and videos. Expanding upon some code found 11 years ago, I highly modified the code to add functionality including customised multiple messages, remote control for sharing across devices. I set this up to be publicly available, using a 6 digit pin code for boards to be shared between friends, similar to a Kahoot.

Elvanto Check-In

I developed Elvanto Check-in for church members to self-check into a church service using a barcode on their phone. The app integrates with Elvanto and generates a barcode from a security code field within their Elvanto account.

CCLI reporting automation tool

Not strictly a web app, but I put together a solution to automate the reporting of church music for CCLI. CCLI do not have an automated reporting API or import feature into their system, so I developed an intricate iMacro browser function to grab an exported CSV song usage report and input each row with generated keystrokes and mouseclicks to bulk add songs into the CCLI reporting area. This tool saves me 8 hours of manual work every few months.