Case Study for church digital strategy 

How to transform your church systems and administration for your team and volunteers

Every strong church has a clear vision and mission to serve and engage with their community. Yarra Valley Vineyard is in a season of change and transformation and they were ready to embrace new systems to progress their mission. 

Di Hocking is the lead pastor of Yarra Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship and she approached us to lead them through administrative transformation with a new Church Management System and online systems and strategies.

This is Di’s story:

As a local church, Yarra Valley Vineyard has had to navigate a lot of change in the last few years, even before COVID19. We needed the best advice available to lead us through adjustments in our Church Management Systems and strategies to best support our vision and mission. Evan is one of the smartest people we know in this field, with both professional and practical experience. He has also been on staff at a thriving church and bringing understanding to local church dynamics.

Evan provided us with an initial consultation to identify our needs and goals, followed up with a very quick response of a thorough, detailed plan. His professional approach came with clarity in his communication, recommendations and roadmaps he could provide for us. He met us at where we were at and has taken us to explore new options.

Digital Team Coach did comprehensive research bringing us their shortlisted recommendations and best practices to meet our goals. We were given timeframes which they met and regular communication about their progress.

We have now been given tools and systems to allow us to serve people more effectively. We have been given roadmaps for our staff and leadership to invest in our priorities.

They didn’t do the work for us, they provided the tools we needed.

This is such a great outcome, and we are looking forward to having the support of Digital Team Coach available as we move into these new ways of doing things.

As Lead Pastor, along with our leadership team, I would highly recommend Evan and Digital Team Coach. They have fast-tracked us towards the best practices available, meeting us where we were and setting up roadmaps to meet our goals. They have more training and services available should we need to engage them again with future goal-setting.

Thank you Evan and the DTC Team.

Di Hocking

Lead Pastor, Yarra Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship

It is great to see Di and her team serving more people effectively using the strategies and roadmap we have recommended for them. 

What mission is your organisation trying to achieve?
What do you need change and transform to reach it?
Who do you need to partner with to get there?