The International Society for Music Education, represents around 2500 music educators in 83 countries. We had to cancel our world conference due to Covid-19 and the decision was made to move it online. That was where we needed help. We did not have the expertise in-house to be able to make this happen. With Evan’s advice and assistance, we safely and efficiently used Zoom and YouTube to achieve our goals.

Evan converted our YouTube account into a brand account and worked with us to run our conference and several pre-conference seminars. Contributors recorded their own presentations and they were loaded to YouTube for members to access them. We also ran two live sessions through Zoom, including our annual general meeting, which included multiple panelists and co-hosts from around the world.

Evan set the systems up and ‘drove’ them for us. His professionalism, expertise and calmness were invaluable, and were certainly called into use when technology failed just as we were about to go live with the annual general meeting! ISME now feels empowered to do more online and is considering adding more such activities for members. Will we ask Evan to assist us again? Most definitely!

Sara Hood

Communications Officer, International Society For Music Education

Evan was super helpful in helping our church replace our ageing database and contact system.

Over a series of sessions, Evan coached us through the process. He asked plenty of questions, provided sound guidance and encouraged me to document decisions so that others could understand them quickly. We have the new system up and running and aren’t looking back.

Nigel Preston

Communication Assistant, South East Bendigo Anglican Parish

“Evan was such a big help! It seemed like a daunting task to figure out how I needed to proceed, managing thousands of files, backing them up and migrating them from one cloud service to another. Evan was able to offer some simple solutions that not only made the task simpler but cut out a huge workload that I would have otherwise had to do.

I probably saved a couple of weeks to be honest!

I would highly recommend using Evan as your digital coach, and getting him to assist you in whatever digital solutions you are needing extra support in! Thanks again to Evan, outstanding service!”

Holly-Joy Petty

Director of Culture & Innovation, The Babes Project

“I have worked with Evan for many years and he is the consummate professional. His knowledge of digital systems across all platforms, and his ability to find creative solutions to complex requirements is exceptional, and communicated in language that we can all understand. I highly recommend Evan to anyone who is starting out in a new business or trying to get on top of an existing one, you will be amazed and delighted at the difference he can make.”

Barbara Macfarlan

Education Designer, Monash University

“Thank you Evan for your help last week. I really appreciated the time you took to work through my options for better workflow and storage. It was excellent in giving me a vision of how things could look. I cleaned out my entire computer over the weekend and reclaimed heaps of space on my computer!! Already had my weekly review this morning, which was super helpful… AND my inbox is at 0!! Seriously… ”thank you” is not enough… You have revolutionised how I work. I feel so empowered to work better now. You are AMAZING!”

Helen Parker

Founder & Managing Director, The Babes Project

“Evan was so easy to deal with, he was able to listen, advise and offer a range of options to suit my budget yet not compromise on the end result I was looking for.”

Nisha D'Souza

Owner, Daisy Collection

Evan has a very patient and gentle style.  He succinctly summarised the needs and made helpful suggestions.
After the meeting, Evan compared and shortlisted some of the major project management systems available and provided a rating based on cost, ease of use and suitability to our organisation’s needs.

Evan kindly checked in on me in the subsequent weeks to find out how I was progressing.

His support has been invaluable for our productivity and in helping me process my own thoughts about the particular challenges for our organisation.

My team are now feeling much more engaged with the overall mission of the organisation because they understand (and can track) how their tasks and projects fit into the bigger picture

Our organisation has saved time and money by implementing the right project management system that suits our needs.

Evan is professional, warm and flexible in his approach.  He has a lot of knowledge and experience in digital coaching and how to achieve organisational health. His services would suit any organisation and I highly recommend Evan’s work.”
Adam Cetrangolo

Lead Pastor, St Cath's Anglican Church

Digital Team Coach exceeded our expectations in the role of helping churches transition to online. Evan ran a variety of training sessions helping those who had little-to-no experience be confident in running church online. Not only did he do what was needed in a crisis, getting church services online, he then helped people look forward to what they could do in the future to grow beyond the basic need to survive, into a desire to thrive using digital systems.

With Evan’s help our whole organisation took a 5-year leap in a matter of weeks.

Brian Holden

Youth Ministry Consultant, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

Evan asked all the right questions and listened closely when I explained my current system to him and then broke it down into smaller steps.

He was great at using the same language and terminology I used  and made sure that we were always on the same page.

He was never judgemental where there were obvious holes in the current system but was able to present new solutions in a positive light without making me feel stupid!

Evan helped me find a software solution which addressed all the problems in the business process which we had identified.

Working with Evan has helped me and my team to save time by reducing the number of steps that we need to perform and create automations so that the software does the work instead of us. This has then helped create more timely and attentive customer care and service for my clients.

Now I feel excited!  Excited about the efficiencies being created in my business. This gives me more time to focus on forming better relationships with my clients and growing my business.

I would highly recommend Evan and Digital Team Coach to any small or medium business who is serious about growing their business and is dedicated to improving their processes.

Andrew Englezos

Accountant & Business Owner, Englezos Accounting

“Evan has been incredibly professional, knowledgeable and efficient on every occasion. He really takes the time to listen to your needs, work out the problem, plan a solution and get the job done quickly and to a very high standard. I would highly recommend him.”

Kirsten Finger

Coordinator, Real Choices Australia

“Evan helped me launch my website for my business. What a great guy! Not only did he give me lots of options for a great website, he coached me on how to keep the site updated and relevant for my audience. Very affordable pricing. Highly recommended!

Alistair Strating

Piano Tuner, Strating Pianos