How to transition from a solo player to a growing team

Every business and organisation with a clear vision wants to grow and build to achieve their mission. To grow, change and transformation is required which is not easy. And you cannot do this alone.  You need to get the right people around you, to embrace the vision and heartbeat of the organisation and get them to work effectively to progress the mission.

Adam is the lead pastor of a heart-filled and growing church in the inner south of Melbourne and he recently approached me to help him with growing his team.

This is Adam’s story:

I’m a reasonably well organised person but was experiencing some difficulty transitioning from a one-man-show to a growing team of employees and volunteers.  For this to work, I needed to delegate well and develop effective ways of tracking tasks and projects.  My biggest fear around this was maintaining a high standard and ensuring that no important job fell between the cracks.

Evan was great!

Our first discussion revolved around what was and was not working.  We did a complete audit of all the software packages and apps that we are currently using to organise workloads.  Evan asked important questions about how each program was being used and whether or not I had onboarded my team.  With this information Evan was able to quickly sketch out where the key needs layed and identified some gaps.

Evan has a very patient and gentle style.  He succinctly summarised the needs and made helpful suggestions.
After the meeting, Evan compared and shortlisted some of the major project management systems available and provided a rating based on cost, ease of use and suitability to our organisation’s needs.

Evan kindly checked in on me in the subsequent weeks to find out how I was progressing.

His support has been invaluable for our productivity and in helping me process my own thoughts about the particular challenges for our organisation.

My team are now feeling much more engaged with the overall mission of the organisation because they understand (and can track) how their tasks and projects fit into the bigger picture

Our organisation has saved time and money by implementing the right project management system that suits our needs.

Evan is professional, warm and flexible in his approach.  He has a lot of knowledge and experience in digital coaching and how to achieve organisational health. His services would suit any organisation and I highly recommend Evan’s work.”

Lead Pastor, St Cath's Anglican Church

It is great to see Adam and his team growing in number and their capability to be a champion organisation for people in their community.

What mission is your organisation trying to achieve?
What do you need change and transform to reach it?
Who do you need to partner with to get there?


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