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The benefits of a digital systems strategy

Achieve your goals

Deliver your business objectives with greater efficiency, consistency, less effort and less pain

Support your team

Free up yourself and your team to work on what really matters and exceed your expectations

Save time and money

Saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year to spend on more rewarding activities.

What a Digital Systems Strategy is and how it can help

Our Digital Systems Strategy provides a structured roadmap of how to implement effective digital systems and workflows to transform your organisation from the inside out.

The strategy we design with you is fully tailored to your organisation and provides a detailed roadmap of how to implement effective digital systems and workflows within your business. This ensures you get the best out of your team and technology and empowers your organisation to fulfil its purpose.

The business areas covered in the strategy include internal communications and workflow, data management and integrations, project and task management, collaboration, customer relationship management and all your other online systems.


How It Works

After successfully helping over 150+ organisations, we have decoded the process for designing highly effective and robust Digital Systems Strategies. Our process has been tried and tested with various organisations including solopreneurs, small businesses and not-for-profits. Here’s how it works.

Step 1 - Consultation

Book your free consult. We want to understand who you are and make sure that we can be a good fit for your organisation.

Step 2 - Proposal

We will match the best package to your business needs.

Step 3 - Analysis

Get a full 360° view of where you are now and where you need to get to. Thoroughly assess your organisation’s current and future objectives, needs, personnel, systems and usage.

Step 4 - Strategy

Identify where you can streamline your processes and systems. Align your new workflows and then research and shortlist the systems to serve you and your team.

Step 5 - Roadmap

Prepare your tailored digital strategy, highlighting the recommended systems & workflows, best practice and next steps to implement and onboard your team.


What are the benefits of a digital strategy?

Fair question. Pick your top 3…

  • better communication
  • better visibility of tasks and projects
  • clearer understanding of requirements
  • less manual tasks and duplication (a.k.a. less copy & paste!)
  • easier onboarding for team members
  • better systems
  • consistent workflow
  • a plan to move forward and stay relevant in a digital marketplace
  • improved team unity and morale
  • better outcomes
  • less time on administration and data
  • more time to spend on high opportunity and creative tasks
  • fulfil your purpose and potential


Who needs a digital strategy?

Anyone, from solopreneur through to big businesses and everyone in between.
The more people on the team, the more moving parts and the more vital it is that everyone is on the same page working together consistently and with the right systems. Having a digital strategy and implementing it properly will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year. We have found that working on a strategy for a team of 5-20 people, each person on the team saves around 200 hours and $10,000 every year.


Can I watch the workshop and make my own strategy?

Yes, the workshop gives you all the steps and resources to design your own strategy. Bear in mind that the more systems you have and the more people you have on your team, the more variables and complexities involved in analysing and strategising. If you cannot get buy-in from all your stakeholders or you don’t have the technical understanding behind the structure of systems, then it might be worth having a chat with us to help you move forward.


When's the best time to work on my digital strategy?

The best time to start your strategy is when you begin. The next best time is now. There’s probably never going to be the perfect time to start. But if you are struggling with painful systems, wasted time, ineffective communication with team members, then now seems like the obvious time. Investing some time into getting your strategy prepared will pay you back many times over.

Do I really have time for a new strategy and new systems?

No, probably not! A digital strategy seems important but not urgent to many people, so it sits on the to do list and doesn’t really happen. The challenge is that if you do not have a strategy, you might continue to make trivial small changes that do not really address the real issues with systems and workflows, and you end up wasting time doing things the same way and not progressing. Investing time into a strategy now will have longlasting impact on the trajectory of your organisation, both now and in the long term.

It sounds pricey? Can I afford a digital strategy?

Absolutely! Nothing comes for free these days, but designing and implementing a digital strategy will pay for itself many times over, even within the first few months. A good strategy will save you hundreds of hours in unnecessary wasted time, manual tasks that can be automated (or at least reduce the number of steps), better communication and visibility.

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