Collaborating on a streamlined, flexible and positive website

Every business and organisation with a clear vision wants to grow and build to achieve their mission. To grow, change and transformation is required which is not easy. And you cannot do this alone.  You need to get the right people around you, to embrace the vision and heartbeat of the organisation and get them to work effectively to progress the mission.

Dallas is the Sales Coordinator of Vibe Music and he asked me to help them build a streamline and flexible system that they could manage.

This is Dallas’ story:

Evan was commissioned to build a website in the early planning stages of establishing our business in the field of music importation & distribution.

Starting with a blank canvas meant there was much discussion in conceptualising the design & detail as we were looking for something tailored specifically for us as opposed to another ‘cut & paste’ style. Evan is an active listener, open to ideas and formalising them into a practical shape. Importantly, through his experience he could prompt us with valid questions and points of view we were yet to consider. He gave us the confidence that we had a thorough plan in moving to the building stage of the website.

With over a thousand item lines and multiple product groups, Evan built a streamlined and flexible system that we could manage. As soon as technical issues arose, he quickly found a workable solution happily making himself available to us.

Clearly, the business has grown exponentially with the website now in place. It has become key to our day to day operations and many ways, the positive ‘face’ of the business. Evan’s expertise is highly valued by our team and we would gladly recommend him to those seeking honest, considered & professional IT/web design.

Dallas Cosmas

Sales Coordinator, Vibe Music

It is great to know that Vibe Music has grown exponentially with the website now in place. It has become an important key in their day-to-day operations and many ways, the positive ‘face’ of the business.

What mission is your organisation trying to achieve?
What do you need change and transform to reach it?
Who do you need to partner with to get there?


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