So you’re comparing different systems or apps for your organisation… Or maybe you’re trying a new app on your phone just for fun. Either way, you have a bunch of things that you’re wanting it to do. Set out your criteria into 2 lists: Needs and Wants (don’t get the two mixed up!) This is the function you’re looking to get out of the app. Look at the Product Features page on the website or app download page. Hopefully it starts to tick some of the boxes. If not, don’t waste your time. Then… Test, test, TEST! Many companies have a FREE trial run of their product for 15 or 30 days (the good ones do). Does it tick all your Needs boxes? Next, does the design and layout make sense? Is it intuitive? Does it work? Can you complete a given task in the fewest number of clicks and taps? Does it leave you confused or smiling at the simplicity? Really, you want it simple to use but powerful enough to do everything you need to do. When these elements dance seamlessly, you have FLOW (aka ”true ‘Appiness!”)

FLOW = function x design

We want the ultimate FLOW for your choice app. Does it really serve your Needs and rock hard at the same time?

Remember the big picture of what you’re needing to achieve. Think beyond just yourself, think of your colleagues, your whole organisation.

Will this save you time? Will this save you (or make you) money?

Remember Price ≠ Value. If paying $10 or $20 or $50 per month more saves you a few hours of headaches, then save yourself on the doctors’ bill and your sanity! If it is right and you can measure the difference, go for it (or write a business case to justify it to the decision maker).

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