We love seeing great teams perform well with the right systems, and we love seeing people working effectively and efficiently.

The essence of work

Now when we boil it down, you have your team, a collection of people. You have your objectives at the end. In the middle is all the work that needs to happen for the objectives to be met. That sounds really easy… And then we add some systems into the mix but sometimes work does not flow as smoothly as we want it to. 

Mission + Objectives + People + Systems = Outcomes

The role of digital coaching

Let’s have a look at how digital coaching and a digital strategy fits in the place of an organisation.

First, we have the organisation’s mission and objectives.

Next we have a bunch of systems that support and help the work to happen for the organisation.

We have your team, the people who are doing the work. and then at the top we have your end users. They might be members, followers, supporters, clients, customers.

However, it doesn’t always go super smoothly, does it and what is generally missing is a digital strategy.

The right strategy supports the organisation’s mission with the systems and the team to get the work done.

Digital coaching provides structure and clarity and strategies and guidance around the systems that are used within an organisation to fulfil its mission and the objectives.

Why things go wrong

Sometimes systems are just old, outdated or simply bad systems in the first place. They don’t support the objectives of the organisation.

Sometimes the mission, objectives or the work requirements change. The systems and tools that were perfectly adequate before might not be suitable anymore for the original purpose they served.

Sometimes processes and the way that teams function together are out of date.

Maybe there is a lot of unnecessary manual work and people not utilising the systems particularly well.

Maybe people simply do not know how to use the systems properly.

There can be an issue with knowledge not being retained training that hasn’t happened. People are not onboarded properly.

The role of digital strategy and digital coaching is to identify and analyze where parts of the workflow are failing or not being fully optimized.

The remedy to positive workflow

Sometimes systems simply need tweaking to get the most out of them, but sometimes a complete overhaul of a system or all the systems is required.

A lack of knowledge is usually remedied by training the team and providing a proper platform for knowledge to be managed, retained and shared more easily.

The benefits of digital coaching and strategy

When you get the right coaching and the right strategy, teams will function and work well together. People are happier.

With stronger integration and automation, good systems help pull a lot more of the administrative and manual work. This helps save time on removing redundant tasks such as copying and pasting, scheduling, pulling together reports, group emails, trying to find data that is not in the right place or difficult to find.

Having the right structures in place, and ultimately that saves time, money and mental strain.

People are more creative, happier, and more productive.

Your team can really thrive in their roles and fulfil the higher value activities that they are meant to be doing, not all the unnecessary underlying grunt work.

A digital strategy is for organisations that know that they’re not really flying particularly well with their systems and workflows. These organisations generally have great people on their team but they need to make their systems work more effectively and efficiently together.

If this is helpful for you and something that you’re thinking about, we’d love to speak with you.

We want to help you get the best strategy, digital strategy and support in place for your organisation, and for your team to thrive.


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