Set up and improve your church service live streaming

This course is great for churches beginning their live stream journey
and for those who are ready to go to the next level with multiple AV sources.

Level: Beginner & Intermediate



This course comprises of 2 x 1.5 hour sessions, covering everything from the technical and functional considerations for live streaming, through to the AV gear required and how to connect everything together.

Participants receive lifetime access to this course so you can revisit it for your church as you need to revise your live stream setup.

You will also receive access to the latest AV gear list and connectivity diagrams.

Beginner’s guide to live streaming

As we begin to transition back to in-person services, we must consider how we continue to cater for online viewers who are not ready to return into the physical church space.

This practical course will assist you with how to live stream in church on a small budget and with a small technological footprint.

This topics in this session include:

  1. video and audio for live streaming
  2. connecting hardware & software together
  3. managing the feed

Next level guide to live streaming

Coming out of Covid-19 lockdown, there are new challenges with providing simultaneous in-service and livestreaming inside your church. If you have had some experience with live streaming you may need to consider extra resources to improve the quality and consistency of your online church services.

This session will assist you with live streaming from your church by:

  1. improving your hardware, video and audio
  2. connecting up and broadcasting from your PC with multiple inputs and outputs
  3. upskilling your AV team

    I pray and believe this 3 hour course is going to be a fruitful and valuable use of your resources.

    About the instructor

    Evan Englezos

    Evan has worked in a networked church for 6 years, leading in Music, Communications and Online Systems. With a Multimedia degree and 20 years experience as Digital Developer & Coach, Evan has developed, implemented and supported strategies and tools to serve in all functions of church life.

    Evan cares deeply about the future of the church and he partner with Australian churches to provide valuable support and affordable digital resources; systems strategy, training, website and implementation.

    Course outline

    Session 1: Beginner’s guide to live streaming

    • Introduction to live streaming
    • Your current context
    • Goals for live streaming
    • Hardware and software
    • Connectivity for live streaming
    • Questions
    • Final Thoughts

    Session 2: Next-level live streaming from church

    • Introduction to improving your live stream
    • Functional goals, technical considerations & hardware
    • Vision mixing for multiple inputs
    • Connecting and streaming with OBS
    • Questions
    • Final thoughts


    This course is designed to be highly practical and valuable for small and medium Australian churches.

    For $132 (inc. GST) you will gain the skills, tools and confidence to implement lasting change for your church. That’s just $66 per session!

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    We look forward to working with you to resource your church for live streaming.