Digital Systems Critical Health Check

Welcome to the Digital Systems Critical Health Check for your organisation.


This free analysis tool will help you to know where you are leading and lacking with your tech in your organisation.

We will ask you 32 multiple choice questions about your business, systems, data, website, communications, processes, project management & digital strategy. It should take you approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.

Upon completion, you will instantly receive your results onscreen and by email for your reference.

Please make sure you answer every question and select Next. Let's get cracking!

1. My organisation has a Tech Owner, Tech Champion, CIO, or IT Manager.
2. My team understands the organisation's vision and what needs to be done.
3. My organisation has a digital systems strategy.
4. My email inbox is manageable and has less than 20 emails in it.
5. My team has set processes and everyone knows what to do.
6. Our systems work well.
7. Our website is fully functioning, fully responsive and serves the organisation and customers well.
8. It is easy to maintain our data and keep it up-to-date.
9. My team reviews our business and digital systems strategy on a regular basis.
10. Our systems are well integrated.
11. My team has one or two clear channels of communication with each other.
12. Our website attracts the right target audience, plenty of new customers and they follow through on our end goals
13. I am confident in my tech and online skills.
14. It is easy to find information and the data required for reporting.
15. My team has established guides, procedures and templates and they are well utilised.
16. My team knows what is going on and what their task is on any project.
17. My team know how to design and implement a digital systems strategy.
18. Our documentation for processes and policies is up-to-date and easily accessible for all staff.
19. Our website is updated on a regular basis and it is easy to maintain.
20. Our systems are efficient.
21. It is easy to locate files and they are accessible from anywhere at anytime.
22. My team communicates effectively with each other.
23. There is transparency across all our projects and processes.
24. I spend most of my time on the core business.
25. My team knows how to use our systems and uses them consistently.
26. The whole team can easily stay up-to-date on organisational policies and projects.
27. I feel in control of my communications.
28. Our digital systems strategy assists in future proofing our organisation.
29. My team processes are becoming increasingly automated.
30. My team embraces change well.
31. My team uses a folder name and filename convention for saving files and version control.
32. I am confident in managing the website and communicating with web developers for updates and redesigns.