Improve your digital church services & online engagement in 45 days


Well done on your progress so far with digital church.


Our world continues to change and there is more to be done to increase your church’s online reach and effectiveness.

I’m sure you’ll agree; it’s not just about the numbers, but the genuine nature of our ministries and relationships as we use the technology available to us.

I pray and believe this 6 week Digital Church Program is going to be a fruitful and valuable use of your resources.


The mission of the church has not changed but the way we get to be the church is changing.

Churches often lack the resources and knowledge with how to make digital transformation effectively.

This program helps church leaders bridge the gap and gives you the strategy and tools to drive immediate and long-lasting positive transformation for a fraction of the price of bringing in an IT expert.

We have a 1.5 hour session each week for 6 weeks working through the strategies & systems to improve your digital services and engagement.

The sessions will consist of teaching and Q&A.

You will also receive access to the program member Facebook group for discussion between sessions.


High value for church leaders

As a church music minister, band leader and communicator, we understand the needs and challenges of local churches and we tailor this value-packed program specifically for churches just like yours.


Affordable & budget-friendly

The program is packed full of value for a fraction of the price of similar business programs. The recommendations and solutions provided are budget-friendly for churches on a tight budget.


Practical outcomes

Each topic is highly practical, covering all aspects of technology, digital engagement, online communication, team collaboration, digital strategy and knowledge management.


Shared knowledge & experience

The exclusive peer support group and forum offers like-minded church leaders a safe space to ask questions, share experiences and wins. Together, we all benefit.


Stronger together

We discovered that there are greater benefits for team members who undertake the training together so they can be on the same page to complement and consolidate their knowledge and bring more effective change.


Program resources

Each topic is accompanied with notes, slide handouts and additional resources to guide your understanding and help you make critical decisions to move your church forward.

About the instructor

Evan Englezos

Evan has worked in a networked church for 6 years, leading in Music, Communications and Online Systems. With a Multimedia degree and 20 years experience as Digital Developer & Coach, Evan has developed, implemented and supported strategies and tools to serve in all functions of church life.

Evan cares deeply about the future of the church and he partner with Australian churches to provide valuable support and affordable digital resources; systems strategy, training, website and implementation.

Course outline

Topic 1: Digital Strategy

Digital Realms of Influence
Breaking it Down

Topic 2: Digital Tech

Digital Framework
Platforms, Internet, Lighting and Set
Hardware and Software
Multiple Inputs and Mixer
FAQs and Troubleshooting

Topic 3: Digital Content

Content Creation
Creativity in Leadership
Partnering Together
Getting Creative
Content Production
Repurposing Content



Topic 4: Digital Team

Stages of Development
Team Training
Team Systems
Next Steps

Topic 5: Digital Communications

Comms Purpose
Comms Strategy
Comms Journey

Topic 6: Digital Strategy (Part 2)

Program Summary
Digital Strategy
Prayerful Vision
Digital Strategy Framework
The Final Wrap



“Evan, I enjoyed the six sessions. It was very informative and you provided some great resources for me to think about and apply now and later. Great skills to have in the tool box. I will also be indebted to you for your advice in regards to meeting our technical needs for the recording of our service. This was one of my main goals in attending these sessions.”

Matthew Connolly

Vicar, St John's Lilydale

“Evan’s insight into digital church environments and strategies is invaluable. The thought out content and delivery is engaging and thoughtful. Wonderful course work also!”

Andrew Moore

AV Production, All Saints Greensborough

“Evan ran the course and presented a well thought out and structured approach to bringing aspects of the church into the digital age. He presented his material at a level that was understandable and engageable for people who had not taken any steps into the digital realm yet, while also presenting content useful to tech savvy people (like myself).”

Luke Alabaster

Band, Tech & Youth Minister, All Souls Sandringham

“Digital Team Coach provided expertise and value-adding questions to enable me to be more productive and creative in my work. This has encouraged and progressed our team for our administration, communication and digital systems into the future.”

Jeremy Watson

Senior Minister, All Souls Sandringham

Digital Team Coach exceeded our expectations in the role of helping churches transition to online. Evan ran a variety of training sessions helping those who had little-to-no experience be confident in running church online. Not only did he do what was needed in a crisis, getting church services online, he then helped people look forward to what they could do in the future to grow beyond the basic need to survive, into a desire to thrive using digital systems.

Brian Holden

Youth Ministry Consultant, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

“Evan’s help arrived just in time for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. As our 200 parishes faced the challenge of adapting to virtual church in the COVID19 lockdown, Evan designed and delivered a series of webinars that gave our clergy skills and confidence to switch to digital with minimum anxiety.

His patience and expertise in personal consultations helped even the most technically-challenged to find their way forward.”

Ken Morgan

Head of Parish Mission & Resourcing, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne