Expand your business and save time with the right systems and processes

They say never work with children or animals… or family… It could go really well or end up really bad. Working with my brother Andrew to streamline and scale his business actually went really great…

But Andrew was not going to let me do things cheaply and cut corners just because we are family. In fact, direct access to my red phone meant he was dropping me questions and thoughts on a daily basis and pushing the limits of my consulting knowledge… in a good way. I’ll let him tell the story.

I’m Andrew from Englezos Accounting and I’m a CPA and tax agent in Melbourne focusing on tax solutions for small business clients. As a sole trader with a growing business, I was struggling with:

  • Too many steps in my processes
  • Slow turnaround time and too much time spent on tasks
  • No central place to save client information and correspondence
  • Tasks getting missed  

Not cool!

I felt hesitant to transition from my known systems and processes to new systems and processes. I had a number of concerns:

  • Training and ongoing costs for a new system
  • Spending time on searching for a new system
  • Fear of choosing the wrong software solution
  • Learning to trust a system which acted as the ‘middle man’ between me and my email
  • Giving up a system which I already felt comfortable with

I basically had issues of letting go, but I knew that continuing to use the same clunky systems would not help my clients get the right customer service.

Evan worked with me to:

  • Outline every step in my current system
  • Identify steps which could be removed with the appropriate software solution
  • Search through a myriad of software options to find the perfect one for my business
  • Remove redundant steps from the process and automate steps with a seamless automated workflow process

Evan asked all the right questions and listened closely when I explained my current system to him and then broke it down into smaller steps.

He was great at using the same language and terminology I used  and made sure that we were always on the same page.

He was never judgemental where there were obvious holes in the current system but was able to present new solutions in a positive light without making me feel stupid!

Evan helped me find a software solution which addressed all the problems in the business process which we had identified.

Working with Evan has helped me and my team to save time by reducing the number of steps that we need to perform and create automations so that the software does the work instead of us. This has then helped create more timely and attentive customer care and service for my clients.

Now I feel excited!  Excited about the efficiencies being created in my business. This gives me more time to focus on forming better relationships with my clients and growing my business.

I would highly recommend Evan and Digital Team Coach to any small or medium business who is serious about growing their business and is dedicated to improving their processes.

Andrew Englezos

Accountant and Business Owner, Englezos Accounting

Following a solid and robust process to analyse and strategise Andrew’s systems and processes has really paid off. Each time we catch up he is telling me how much he loves his new system; how powerful it is, how much time it is saving. Andrew loves the workflow automations, the email and document integrations, the practice draft outbox… basically everything.

Do your systems and processes feel old and clunky?
Do you feel like your time is being taken up with unnecessary administration and manual entry?Do you want your systems to support you as you grow your business?

If you answered yes to these questions, I’d be really happy to help you save time and scale your business. 

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