The rat wheel

“I’m too busy.” “Now’s not a good time.” “I have too much on my plate.”
I get it. We all have busy seasons in life and work. There are natural rhythms and cycles in different industries and different roles. But if you are constantly too busy and there is no light at the end of the Busy Tunnel, then you are doomed to be a slave to your busy way of life. You’re on the rat wheel.
There is always more to do. ALWAYS. The stats for overwork are scary, especially for people running their own business.

Breaking the cycle of overwork

Utilising the right systems that can legitimately save time and support your business can help to reduce manual labour, mistakes and hours of work. Automation can be done well without being an all-encompassing dirty word! To get the right systems, a simple and well-designed digital strategy can set you and your business up to increase productivity, not in a geeky slimy way, but in a way that helps you and your team to focus your energy on the high-value, high-return, and high-rewarding work, and less time on administration, systems and data management.
“But like I said, a strategy takes time and I’m too busy…”
I hear you. Yes, you’re too busy. And this week is full, and so is next week… But the cycle of overwork needs to be broken. And there are things that you can clear off your plate once and for all. If you had the chance to do something one more time, for the very last time, would you do it? Of course you would! And that’s the beauty of automation – do it once, set it up once, and you don’t need to do it again.

Wind back the clock

A digital strategy will identify where your main pain points are, analyse what your objectives are and the systems you need to fulfil your objectives more easily, saving you so much time and hassle. Your digital strategy will also map out how to implement your strategy from off the page and into reality. You are not left alone in the implementation stage. At Digital Team Coach, we can work through the process of designing and implementing your killer digital strategy that will transform the way you do business for years to come. The cost to design your strategy will return you so much time for the fraction of what it costs you to manually do the tasks. The cost to not design your strategy is the never-ending cycle of work . Which will you choose?


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