You arrive
Everyone is here
There is the familiar buzz
The sights
The noise
The smells

You sit down
Hold hands
Lock eyes and laugh
Share stories and the feast in front of you
Open your mouth and satisfy every taste bud

The food and drink is flowing
The company is happy
The party has begun
Everything is perfect

It’s home
It’s family
It’s yummy
Everything you could ask for

But it’s the people
And here’s why…

There is a shared understanding
Years of stories and memories
You say a word
Or a knowing look
And everyone is on it

There is implicit trust
These people know you
Like really know you
And you know them
The ins and outs
The joys and flaws
But you love each other

There is warmth
This is your space
Your crew in your hood
There is belonging

The tradition of the family meal
Where culture is implicit and predictable
Familiar and free
You let your guard down
Because you can be you
And it is safe



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