Wow! Something is very wrong With this picture (Some stock images just write themselves, don’t they?!) You wouldn’t marry a machine You wouldn’t even date a machine Why? Apart from being weird and disturbing It’s not a good match The bits are different The DNA is not compatible Laws of attraction does not compute Literally! But sometimes We get too deep with our tech Emotionally, mentally, relationally We can’t seem to part with it We are so attached We give ourselves over our devices We have our preferences They have our attention, our devotion We dump it when it does not cooperate Technology is just a tool Don’t treat it like a person Sometimes we care more about the systems that we use Than the people around us and the people that use them Fanboys and enthusiasts We are shaded by our preferences The ecosystem that we have adapted to That might not be bad But it might not be the best If the system is not serving your team well Then it is time to look for a new system That will support you and your team The right system will love you… in the right way Just make sure you put your people first



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